Suki is a qualified Holistic Coach, Level 2 Personal Trainer, and Cycling instructor, she also has a decade of experience in sales and media, working for multinational corporations – most recently LinkedIn, both in London and Dubai. In 2016, Suki suffered severe burnout from her highly successful career and understands only too well the stresses that the 21st century can bear and create. In the midst of this first episode of depression, regular movement and exercise, in the form of walking, cycling, group exercise classes and boxing, helped Suki rise out from some of her darkest periods. 

It is the knowledge that she has gained from her personal experience with mental health and movement, combined with the hours she’s applied to researching and studying everything from psychology and neuroscience to fitness and wellbeing that has ignited her passion in ‘movement for mental resilience’.

Suki started by implementing her learning into her own practices, followed by those of the women she was coaching, and soon realised that with a combination of movement, high performing habits and community, a new level of resilience could be achieved. And from this enlightenment ‘I AM WOMAN’ was born. 

Open to any self-identifying woman, regardless of fitness levels, demographic, race or age, this is an all-encompassing community that is here to aid and develop the mental resilience of all women through the power of movement.