Amber McCormick Founder, Mind Beyond

What dreams would you pursue if believed anything was possible? What would you do if you were overflowing with self-belief and confidence?

A lack of confidence is one of the major reasons many of us don’t strive for our dreams and live up to our true potential. For so many of us fear and self-judgment block us from being the boldest and brightest women we can be.

Mindfulness is the practice of staying focused on the present moment. Instead of living our lives on autopilot we can learn to tune into our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to live intentionally and identify the types of change we want to cultivate in our lives.

The practice of mindfulness can help us build our confidence and self belief in a number of ways:

1. Present Moment Awareness When you are fully engaged in the present moment, you are not judging yourself or wondering what others are thinking about you. It is impossible to feel ashamed, embarrassed or not good enough when you are fully focused on a task or actively placing your attention on others instead of yourself.

2. Observation vs. Judgement Being Mindful means being observant and curious about life with out judgment. As we learn to observe our thoughts rather than judge them it becomes possible to better manage our inner critic and self-limiting beliefs.

3. Kindness & Compassion Mindfulness is the practice of showing compassion for the self and others.

The more we can practice loving ourselves and forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, the easier it becomes to believe in our intrinsic value as a person. The more we pay attention to our self-critical thoughts and beliefs, the more skilled we become in catching and reframing them. Each time a self-critical thought comes up, challenge it by replacing it with a kinder, more balanced one.

Start to notice the conversations you are having with yourself in your mind. Are you saying positive things to yourself? Or are you in the habit of being unkind and judgemental towards yourself. How might you start to change this dialogue to boost your sense of self belief and confidence?

Here is an exercise you can try at home that will enable you to build self-belief and confidence.

Exercise: I Am Enough According to therapist Marissa Peer one of the most powerful statements we can repeat to ourself to tame our inner critic and practice self-compassion is - "I am enough". The reason why this statement is so effective is because it is simple and believable. It also conveys the message that we are innately worthy. We don't need to be a "rockstar" , a "champion" or a "goddess" we are worthy as we are. For the next 5 days mentally repeat the statement "I am enough" at least 5 times while you shower.

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